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Old products appear on website but are not in catalog
I have several older products that have been removed from the ECI catalog but still appear on the website. The sku #'s are not even in RPro anymore because they have been deleted. Any way to get these items off the website?

You need to talk to your website developer. Who are you using?
Retail Dimensions, so I'll talk to them.

There are 2 additional solutions you can try:

1) Use the Purge Deleted Items button. If you don't have this on the screen, you will need to add it by right-clicking, choosing Menu Designer and putting a check next to "Purge Deleted Items".

2) There was an issue with an older version of ECI where it was not removing items from a style from the website correctly. You should contact support about updating to the latest ECI, where this issue has been fixed. The reason I say contact Support is your Rpro also may need to be updated, and they can determine if that is the case.

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