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Daylight Savings Time and Retaill Pro

March 5, 2007

Technical Alert: Windows Updates Needed

As of March 11th 2007 extended Daylight savings times go into effect in the US. Systems that are affected that have Microsoft updates available are:

  • Windows XP SP2 (service pack 2)

  • Windows Server 2003

  • Windows Server 2003 SP 1

  • Windows 2000 (under extended Hot fix support)

To verify your operating system, right click on My Computer and go to properties. Your operating system is under the General tab, System.

Make sure your Windows Update is working.

  1. Click on Start>settings>control Panel> Automatic Updates>

  2. Click on Install Updates from the Windows Website and follow the prompts.

All Retail Pro Versions are affected by this change in law. Versions 6-8 Use the windows system time and date for all time stamps, so if your windows time is wrong, so will Retail Pro be wrong. As long as your Windows is up to date and the time and date are correct Retail Pro will be correct.

If you are on the above operating systems and windows update automatically is on, you should be automatically updated with the fix with the exception of Windows 2000.

If your company uses Microsoft Exchange servers and Outlook you will probably need to get your IT professional working to get all the updates and fixes need.

For more information please visit Microsoft at

To Update Manually go to:

If you have questions on this with a Gold or Silver contract, contact support. Bronze or Pay as you Go, will require an incident to be used.

  • Windows Small business servers are compliant.

  • Neither Windows NT or Windows XP SP 1 are supported or fixed.

For detailed information check Microsoft's website.

Rpro V9 users: You will also have to apply the latest Maintenance Packs for Retail Pro9.


Brett Reed
One Step Data Inc.
Technical Support Manager


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