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Changing the sort order for products
We currently sort our products by in order from most recent items added to oldest items added. I'd like to change the primary sort order so that "in stock" items appear first followed by "out of stock/special order items".

As a secondary sort I'd like the items to display in order of most recent to oldest items added.

Thanks for the help!
I'm not sure I fully understand the report. Can you make up what it would look like in Excel and attach it here?
Actually, it's not a report. i'm referring to changing the order our products are displayed on our website. I understand to make this change there is a setting in ECI that I must update. I need to know what/where that setting is.

Right now, our products display in order of most recent added item to oldest item. I need to change to display In stock items first followed by out of stock items.
There aren't any preferences in the ECI software to control the display order on the website. Perhaps you are referring to a feature in UniteU's website manager. You might want to check for that feature there, and if you don't find it contact Unite-U's support at (877) 486-4838 Ext.4.
ahh, interesting...they told me there was an ECI setting that controlled that...



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